Common Problems with
For-Profit Schools

  • Lack of accreditation or licensing
  • Nontransferable credits
  • Poor placement rates
  • Large student loan debts
  • "Enrollment Counselors"   with sales targets
  • Enrollment of Students without ability to benefit



Trade schools, career schools and other "colleges" and "universities" often promote themselves on the web and via television and newspapers with offers of "degrees" and placement in lucrative careers. Online "high schools" frequently advertise on the Internet about opportunities to obtain high school "diplomas" through online tests and credits for "life experience." These schools’ marketing is aimed at working adults who want to better themselves in a harsh economy where jobs are scarce and higher education is key.

But the truth about many of these for-profit schools is this: Their students often find themselves with nontransferable credits, fraudulent "diplomas" – and broken dreams. Sadly, for-profit schools often misrepresent the credentials and opportunities that they provide to students, all in effort to entice them to pay substantial tuition. In many cases, students leave these schools with crushing student loan debt, no job prospects and no opportunity to transfer the "credits" they have earned to other schools.

The Googasian Firm, P.C. is a law firm that aims to help those who are victims of unfair, deceptive and abusive practices committed by for-profit schools. If you have concerns about a "high school," trade school, career school, or other "college" or "university," click here to share these concerns with the law firm.

For-profit schools offering education to adults with high school diplomas and GEDs are big business in the United States. With direct mail campaigns and through newspaper, television and Internet ads, these schools, institutes and so-called "colleges" frequently attempt to lure adults into expensive programs of study with false promises of future employment in high-paying jobs or easy-to-obtain high school "diplomas" or college "degrees." The owners of these schools often make huge profits through tuition payments, usually paid with federal and state grants and loans obtained by the students. If you are an employee or student at a school that appears to be deceiving people, click here to share your concerns with The Googasian Firm, P.C.

Unsuspecting adults trying to get ahead in the world often find themselves being misled by these schools’ "admissions representatives" or "enrollment counselors." These communications occur in phone calls, meetings, and online chats. These employees of these for-profits schools actually are salespeople who often have to meet enrollment targets to stay employed. Their job is to convert "leads" (adults possibly interested in further education) into "starts" (adults who enroll and pay the school, often through federal student aid.) If you have concerns about the actions of a school’s enrollment representatives, click here to share your concerns.

For-profit schools and their salespeople often misrepresent the facts about their school, the quality of the education to be provided, the credential to be earned upon graduation, and the job prospects and salaries that can be attained thereafter. Thousands of adults each year enrolling in programs at for-profit schools end up disappointed and misled, often having huge student loan debts and little or nothing to show for it. Still others end up unknowingly earning fraudulent "diplomas" or "degrees" from schools with no authority to issue them. If you have concerns about a particular school and what you have been told about it by its representatives, click here.

Online "high schools" also have recently been surfacing on the Internet and victimizing people looking to obtain a high school diploma. With promises of worldwide recognition, legitimacy and accreditation, these sites lure in unsuspecting individuals who are simply looking to qualify themselves for the next level of employment or education. Many of their online schools are nothing more than a complete and utter scam, with so-called diplomas being issued by "schools" without any licensing authority from a local, state or federal government. To share your concerns about an online "high school" about which you are familiar, click here.

For information about one recent class action lawsuit filed against an online high school named Belford High School, click  here.

The Googasian Firm, P.C. investigates and pursues claims against for-profit schools that have misrepresented themselves to students. State and federal laws prohibit unfair and deceptive practices and the issuance of false academic credentials. Some laws also reward whistleblowers who report fraud committed against the government. If you have questions for or want more information about The Googasian Firm, P.C., please call 1-877-540-8333, send an e-mail to, visit the firm’s website,, or complete this online form.